230-450 kg

0-13,700 mm

Lead Acid Battery

Load Capcity

Lift Height

Drive Types


HANGCHA self-propelled electric scissor lifts are the high efficient, safe and ideal solution for modern industry. Ideal for
maneuvering in tight spaces, they're excellent for indoor and outdoor application, all the functions, lifting, lowing, steering,
forward and backward are under operator's control. Easy maintenance and service after opening the battery cover, all key
parts are easy access. With low noise level, and high reliability, HANGCHA self-propeeled electric scissor lifts are always your
best partner.
Hydraulic and electric system
Anti-overturning system : When the machine raises to more than 2m, this system will work automatically, to protect the machine from overturining while walking at un-leveling ground


Stations, dock, airport, powerstation, gym, big company ect.
The proportional control system : Control the speed of Traveling and lifting as you need. Extension deck You can reach the
working place by the Extended platform. Safety Alloy steel axis, to make sure the safety, reliable and efficient.