1,500 kg

0-7,000 mm


Load Capcity

Lift Height

Drive Types


Independently developed by Hangcha on the basis of more than 30 years of electric forklift research and
development and accumulated manufacturing technology, the AE series electric forklifts are a new series of high-
efficiency and energy-saving electric counterweight forklift with a new structure that represents a
breakthrough over the traditional design concept. The research and development of control and power systems
are innovated and the product exterior, ergonomics, reliability, maintenance and other aspects are optimized, so
that the performance of the vehicle is greatly improved.
Both the traction and oil pump adopt permanent magnet synchronous motors for the Enpower controller
The truck is ergonomically designed to provide a good view and a large operating space
Battery is placed at the rear of the truck


With a profile formed by a combination of straight lines and streamlined curved surfaces, the truck is
compact and maneuverable and has simple and sturdy appearance.
The cover is sealed with a good effect of rain resisrance.
The optional lowering lock function can improve the safety greatly when the driver leaves the seat.
The controller, oil tank and pump motor are all placed at the front to enable small pipeline length and less
energy loss.
The center of gravity is moved back by placing the battery at the rear of the truck, it can ensure the
longitudinal stability