20,000-25,000 kg

0-6,500 mm


Load Capcity

Lift Height

Drive Types


The A series 20-25t forklifts are an independently developed new series of inernal combustion counter weight forklifts. With
the key parts of domestically renowned brands, the cost-effective vehicle has stable performance and reliable quality. The
all-purpose products are suitable for ports, railways, steel mills, mines, shipyards and rental markets.
The paralleled aluminum plate-fin heat dissipaters and the original hyperboloidal fan of the engine provide reliable heat dissipation
The Weichai common rail engine has strong power. low fuel consumption and a low failure rate
LCD instruments


The counter weight profile is optimized to improve the rear view. An optional visual reverse radar is provided to improve
operation safety.
With the LCD instruments to display the relevant information of the vehicle and an engine fault to facilitate
troubleshooting, the running status of the vehicle can be monitored.
The fully-suspended seat with an adjustable turning device and the cab equipped with a cooling and heating air
conditioner and a reading light make the driving experience more comfortable.
Energy and efficient
The fully hydraulic load-sensing steering and dual-pump merging technologies enable higher operation efficiency and
less system pressure loss and energy consumption.