2,000-6,000 kg


Lead Acid Battery

Load Capcity

Lift Height

Drive Types


As for A series of tractors, the advanced AC drive control technology is adopted for the complete. The tractor has
excellent performance, can be operated comfortable, is safe and reliable, has low maintenance cost and is the high-
efficiency tool for resolving material transport among different zones for the workshops, flow lines and large factories.
Battery side roll out is taken as the standard configuration in order to easily and fast replace the battery
Modern outline design with LCD instrument and USB charging port
Electrical Park Brake [EPB] system
The locking device of the battery is provided with the safety protection function. Only if the locking device is rotated in place, the tractor can travel


The steel plate stamping and injection moulding technology is used extensively, the tractor is firm and durable and
can meet the environmental protection requirements.
Multifunctional instrument is taken as the standard configuration, has such many functions as speed selection and so on,
and can clearly display different information of the tractor.
The safety pedal is taken as standard configuration. The other operations can be made only if the pedal is trampled.
In this way, safety is enhanced.
The three-support-point and low-gravity-center design is adopted. The high-strength steel plate framed structure is
adopted for the chassis. The tractor has long service life.
The brushless, maintenance-free AC motor reduces operation cost significantly.